Honda CBR1000RR Superbike Package 205HP 

    Dano's Performance has developed this Superbike Package for the 2017-22 Honda CBR1000RR.One of the great features of this package is that you only need to remove is the cylinder head to install it. The typical horsepower gain achieved with this package is 21-23 horsepower (204-206)Also recommended is a good quality exhaust system and a Woolich Racing Auto Tune System to allow for proper tuning. The following is all that is included in our Honda CBR1000RR Superbike Package:
                Cylinder head porting which maximizes intake and exhaust air flow
                     Install new valve stem seals
                          Three angle valve job
                     Machine cylinder head base to raise compression to 13.5:1 
                         Performance intake and exhaust cams
                            Head gasket
                         Manual cam chain tensioner for precise cam timing
                          Custom exhaust gaskets
                           Custom Velocity Stacks


The total price for this Superbike package is $2795.00. All we need for you to send us is your complete cylinder head and when completed we will ship you back the complete package. The cylinder head will be complete with the valve clearances set and ready to bolt back on to your engine. If you would like a set of slotted cam sprockets installed on these cams so you can degree them the additional cost will be $69.95.If you would like to have us install this package in your engine for you the cost will be $3395.00 + shipping which includes slotted cam sprockets and degreeing the cams.

For our U.S. and our international customers who would like to purchase this package outright without sending your cylinder head (we will supply the cylinder head and all other components) the total price is $4695.00 + shipping. This is subject to availability so contact us via email or by telephone to check stock.


Velocity Stacks

Dano's Performance is now offering these custom velocity stacks for the 2017-22 Honda CBR1000RR models. Just installing these velocity Stacks will see a gain of 5-6 horsepower!!! 




U.S.   Customers

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   $425.00 ea.

International   Customers

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 $425.00 ea.


Honda CBR1000RR Superbike Engine Package (Just Released!!)   

 Dano's Performance has developed this Superbike Engine Package for the 2017-22 Honda CBR1000RR. In addition to the components listed above in our Superbike Package we will  modify the stock pistons for more clearance and set the compression ratio to 13.8:1 , race balance your crankshaft, rods and pistons.  We also remove the balance shaft gear and remove the balance shaft. This combination will produce 208-210 horsepower and we are offering this package for $6995.00 + shipping. In order for us to install this package you will need to send us your complete engine.
We are also offering crate engines with the Superbike Engine Package (210 HP) ready to install in your bike for $11,000.00 + shipping. These engines come with a blue printed transmission (3rd gear upgrade) and a heavy duty clutch pack.    



Honda CBR1000RR Superbike + Package

We developed this package for the 2017-22 Honda CBR1000RR models for the guy who wants the ultimate in performance. This package will produce 221 + horsepower at the rear wheel. In addition to the components listed above in our Superbike package we include a set of 2mm overbore (1052cc) custom high compression pistons and a set of Carrillo rods. We also remove the crankshaft balancer  and race balance the crankshaft, rods and pistons. The price of this package is $7995.00 + shipping. You will need to send use your complete engine and when we complete it we will ship it back to you ready to install. If you would like to upgrade to a "Stroker engine package" 231 + horsepower at the rear wheel the cost will be $11,370.  Call or email us for more details.  

Honda CBR1000RR Superbike + Package crate motors.

Dano's Performance is now offering ready built complete Superbike + package crate motors for the 2017-19 Honda CBR1000RR. These engines are complete and ready to install with no core required. Included with these engines are all the components listed above in the Superbike and Superbike + package. In addition to all these components are the following:
1) Blueprinted transmission (3rd gear upgrade)
2) Heavy duty clutch pack
These engines will produce a reliable 217 + horsepower at the rear wheel.

$11,595.00 + shipping

Call or email us for the details and availability.


Just released our Honda CBR1000RR "Stroker" crate engines!!!!

In addition to all the items listed in our Superbike + Package crate engines we also include a custom 2mm stroker crankshaft and a set of custom Carrillo rods. This combination increases the engine displacement to 1091cc and they will produce 228 + rear wheel horsepower!!

We are offering these "Stroker" crate engines for $14,895.00 + shipping

These engines are available to our international customers with shipping worldwide !!!

Also included with these crate engines is a high quality aftermarket 3rd gear since the Honda OEM gear is known to be weak